Check Out These Beautiful Realistic Portraits Of Famous Fictional Families

the buellers celebrity art

Photo: Courtesy of Kirk Demarais

We stopped in our tracks when coming across these celebrity family portraits done in coloured pencil–yes, coloured pencils.From Nic Cage in “Raising Arizona” to Jon Hamm in “Mad Men,” we noticed the portraits making the rounds on Reddit and decided to put a name with the many faces drawn.

Now, a professional artist, Kirk Demarais was previously a graphics and greeting card designer before returning to his first love of drawing. You can read more on Demarais’ transition to a full-time artist described in his own words, here.

“I started making the coloured pencil portraits in 2008 for Gallery 1988’s annual Crazy 4 Cult art show in which a group of artists create work inspired by cult films,” Demarais told us.

His art has become so well known that he’s received commissions from celebrities including Kristen Wiig and executive producer of “Little Miss Sunshine,” the Jeb Brody.

Any one portrait can take him anywhere from one and a half to three weeks to complete. 

Demarais believes he’s drawn a total of 28 portraits to date, though not all of them contain complete families.

Currently, he’s working on a separate piece for this summer’s Crazy 4 Cult gallery in New York City.

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