Portfolio.com Editor Out. Who's Next?

Earlier this month we suggested that Portfolio’s Web site was showing signs of life after a very rough start; we spoke too soon. Portfolio.com head Chris Jones is leaving at the end of the month; there’s no successor in place yet but Chris’ deputy Mark Stein will run things in the interim. One problem: We hear Mark is not a happy camper, either. Which we understand is still pretty much par for the course at Portfolio company-wide these days.

WWD reports that one solution under discussion, at least on the Web side, is to yank the thing from embattled Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman altogether. We have another suggestion:

• Figure out exactly what Portfolio expects from a Web site attached to a monthly publication — is it there to generate lots of traffic with news stories and Web-only content? Or as a pretty digital add-on to the glossy publication? Right now the site is staffed somewhere in between the two, while trying to do both. Not a good plan.

WWD, via Gawker

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