Check out this secret warehouse full of amazing Porsches

A few blocks away from Porsche’s swanky museum in Stuttgart, Germany sits a plain and rather unremarkable warehouse whose contents are anything but unremarkable. The facility is where Porsche stores many of its most coveted prototypes and race cars.

Porsche intends to keep the warehouse hidden from public eyes. Fortunately, CAR Magazine’s editor-at-large, Chris Chilton, not only got a sneak peak, but also shot video inside the closely guarded facility. 

The video has been posted to YouTube and was part of a larger story on the warehouse from the magazine’s August 2014 issue

In the facility, Porsche keeps everything from design studies to failed prototypes to the all-conquering race cars that propelled the company to mythical status in the motorsports community.

The warehouse stores its priceless contents 'Costco' style, with cars like this early 1990s 968 convertible parked in the aisle alongside racks of 911 and 944 sports cars.

Other Porsches are neatly tucked away under wraps...

The warehouse also houses some of Porsche's most famous race cars, from the brand's illustrious motorsports history. That includes 16 outright victories at the 24 Hours of LeMans and a pair of Formula 1 championships with McLaren.

Check out these early Volkswagen Beetles, designed by Porsche's founder, Ferdinand Porsche.

There are also numerous so-called 'mules' -- top-secret prototypes that were used to test new technology. Porsche's mules typically looked like existing models, to confuse prying eyes. This one may resemble an early 90s Porsche 964/911 Turbo Targa, but hidden underneath are the mechanicals for the company's then-upcoming Boxster sports car.

These cutaway display models appeared at auto shows around the world.

There are some ugly prototypes in the warehouse. This bizarre creation resembles a 944 from the 1980s.

But gorgeous prototypes abound, including this early four-seat 'long-wheelbase' 911 that never made it into production. In the background, there's a pair of green 'Quaker State'-sponsored March-Porsche Indycars.

We can't overlook this 996-based four-door 911 -- a spiritual ancestor to today's Porsche Panamera sedan.

The warehouse is home to a collection of ultra-rare 959 supercars. These machines were the most advanced cars in the world when they debuted in the mid-1980s. The 'Rothmans' sponsored race car was prepared for the gruelling Paris-to-Dakar Rally.

This Porsche 965 prototype is a real gem. It was powered by a rear-mounted V8 (from corporate stablemate Audi) and was meant to be a little brother to the exclusive 959.

The collection features cars Porsche engineered for other brands, such as this high-performance Audi 80 wagon.

The collection of rare race cars is stunning. It ranges from Mark Donohue's blue 'Sunoco'-sponsored 917/30 CanAm racers to the day-glow-orange-and-white Tag-Porsche McLaren F1 cars from the 1980s.

More recent stars include this 1998 GT1 racer...

...and these Porsche RS Spyders, from Penske Racing.

Have a look at the full video here....

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