Out Of The Blue, Porsche Is Done Selling Cars In Iran

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Photo: Courtesy Ker Wei, Carstalker

Over the last decade, Porsche has rapidly expanded its lineup from small sports cars to include SUVs and sedans. Along with the expansion, sales of the brand have also grown exponentially.However, Porsche has decided that one market may not be worth the continued growth.

According to a report in Top Speed, Porsche has decided to leave the Iranian market with immediate effect.

Surprisingly, this move doesn’t seem to be related to sales. Top Speed says that sales in Porsche’s Tehran dealership have grown to nearly $17 million over the last few months, so there is definitely a market.

Porsche is not the first manufacturer to exit Iran in recent months; Juggernauts Hyundai and Toyota have also left the market.

Whatever Porsche’s reason for leaving the nation, it seems they are willing to lose millions in potential sales to get out.

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