The World's Billionaires Are Flocking To Miami's Insanely Luxurious Porsche Design Tower

It’s no secret that Miami has long been an epicentre of luxury living for celebrities and billionaires. Luxury condo developments are springing up all over the area, and the housing recovery is going strong throughout the state.

The 60-story Porsche Design Tower is no exception, and now it’s attracting billionaires at rapid speed.

Though it won’t be ready for move-in until 2016, 22 billionaires (2% of the world’s total) have purchased units there so far, according to the Atlantic Cities. And they’re going fast — 80% of the 132 units are already under contract, representing a whopping $US624 million in sales.

Like many of the other luxury condo developments in Miami-Dade County, the Porsche Design Tower has some crazy amenities, including a movie theatre, spa, and plunge pools on almost every balcony.

The tower’s most distinctive feature, however, is clear from its name. Three car elevators will bring billionaires and their luxury vehicles straight to the door of their condo, allowing them to park their cars in a “sky garage” connected to each unit.

The building is a collaboration between South Florida-based Dezer Development and Germany’s Porsche Design Group, whose $US214 million loan is the largest that’s been approved for a major construction project in the Southeast since the recession. In fact, it’s nearly 30% larger than the previous largest post-recession construction loan.

The developers provided us with some renderings of the project.

The tower will be 60 stories tall, rising 650 feet on the shorefront of Sunny Isles Beach.

Forget valet -- this tower has a one-of-a-kind car lift system.

Residents can drive straight into the lift, without even having to worry about interaction in the lobby.

The special elevator delivers residents and their rides directly to their front door, allowing them to park in 'sky garages' right next to their units.

Cheaper units have two-car garages, while higher-end ones have four. All residents can make use of a 'Car Concierge,' who will assist with washing, tire rotations, and regular maintenance.

Units are luxurious and spacious, and you can keep an eye on your cars at all times.

Plus tall glass windows and wide balconies make for the ideal shoreline view.

As the building is still under development, the exact look and feel of the rooms are subject to change.

Here's another possible look for the living room.

And this is what the living room could look like from up the stairs.

The bathrooms will be sleek and modern.

Plunge pools and grills on the balcony are perfect for those warm southern Florida nights.

The ground floor isn't too shabby, either.

You're never too far from the ocean, no matter where you are in the building.

There's another large pool on the ground floor, just steps away from the beach.

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