Porsche And Lexus Are Putting Up Smart Billboards Across Australia Which Know What Car You're Driving

Car makers are installing smart billboards across Australia which can tell what car you’re driving and will target their messaging to suit.

Lexus will launch the billboards across Australia from today. Locations include Sydney and Perth airports as well as Kew Junction in Melbourne, George Square in Brisbane and Gouger Street in Adelaide.

The billboards are equipped with cameras which measure a car’s features to determine its make, model and colour.

An algorithm then matches the car information with factors like what time it is, what the weather’s like and how traffic is flowing to serve up one of 80 different messages.

An example of one of the messages is: “Hey black Merc driver, the heavens have opened. This is the new Lexus.”

Earlier this month Porshe launched a similar campaign using oOh! Media billboards at Melbourne Airport. It uses image recognition to identify Porsches approaching and displays a 10 second ad across Airport Drive.

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