The most crowded places to live in Australia -- and the cost to buy a home there

iStockDocklands in Melbourne.

Australia’s population has now topped 25 million, and is growing around 1.6% per annum.

However, while a faster pace than historical norms, population growth has not been spread evenly across the country in recent years with the vast majority occurring in just two cities: Melbourne and Sydney, Australia’s largest state capitals.

Unsurprising, with large and fast growing populations, both cities dominate the list of areas that have the highest population density in Australia.

As seen in the table below from CoreLogic, they actually contain all of the top 20 most crowded areas across the country.


Inner-city Melbourne had the highest population density across the country last year at 19,107 people per square kilometre, followed by Potts Point-Woolloomooloo and Pyrmont-Ultimo — located in inner-city Sydney — with 16,220 and 16,170 people respectively per square kilometre.

While it only sat 8th on the list in 2017, the Waterloo-Beaconsfield area in Sydney’s inner-south — home to 10,585 people per square kilometre — is on track to become the region with the highest population density in the country in the not too distant future.

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