THE DEATH OF DOWNTOWN CHICAGO And 20 More Urban Population Shifts


Photo: Courtesy of Data Pointed

In the past decade there was an exodus from downtown to the suburbs in many American cities.Chicago, which saw a 6.9 per cent decline in population, suffered the greatest losses at the city centre, while population increased in the suburbs.

Other reasons for population shift include natural disasters, in the case of New Orleans.

Using U.S. Census data from 2000 and 2010, Stephen Von Worley of Data Pointed, created a series of high-resolution maps showing population shifts in major U.S. cities. The maps are colour coded, deep blue indicates the population has at least doubled, red indicates massive exodus, and grey indicates there was no change.

People left downtown Chicago for the suburbs (and a 6.9 per cent population decline citywide)

People evacuated from the centre of Detroit

The big shift out of areas of New Orleans was due to damages from Hurricane Katrina

In Denver, the population shifted from the centre of the city, out towards the north and east

People moved from downtown Dallas into the suburbs

People moved away from downtown in Houston, heavily towards the west

People moved out of the centre of Las Vegas

Many people moved to the western side of Miami

People moved away from the centre of Phoenix

People moved out of the centre of Portland, Ore.

Population shifted slightly inland from the centre of San Francisco

Population shifted out of southwest Seattle

There was in increase in population northwest of St. Louis

Populations shifted east from both Tampa and Orlando's city centres

Population shifted east of Los Angles towards Riverside

There is a slight shift from the centre of Boston to the suburbs

There is a slight shift in population from Manhattan to Long Island and Westchester

In Minneapolis, people moved from the centre to the surrounding suburbs

There was a slight shift to both the suburbs of Washington D.C., and Baltimore

Philadelphia only showed a small population shift to the suburbs

As for the entire U.S., the dense blue areas are major metro areas where most of the population lives

As much as people move, some things stay the same

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