Popular 'ShopSavvy' App Coming To Windows Mobile Before iPhone

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A small but nice win for Microsoft and its forthcoming Windows Mobile app store: The makers of ShopSavvy have ported their popular Google Android app to Windows Mobile — even before the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, etc. (Though the company’s Web site says it’s “coming soon” for the iPhone.)

ShopSavvy lets you scan a product’s barcode with your phone’s camera and see if it’s cheaper on the Web than in the store you’re in.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile app store will launch on Oct. 6. It’s an important launch for Microsoft, which has offered apps for Windows Mobile phones for many years — much longer than Apple — but like all smartphone platforms, got sideswiped when Apple was the first to make mobile app shopping a simple and enjoyable experience.

Meanwhile, this is modestly positive news for Microsoft, which has tried hard to court popular mobile developers to make apps for its platform. (And in some cases, is offering incentives to do so, such as waiving app submission fees, according to a source in the mobile industry.)

But as we detailed yesterday, Microsoft’s mobile strategy is a mess. The app store will help, but the current versions of Windows Mobile is outdated, and is still unlikely to attract very much attention relative to the iPhone. The company’s best hope is the launch of Windows Mobile 7, scheduled for late next year.

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