The most popular Cinderella picks in NCAA Tournament brackets

  • The NCAA Tournament madness gets underway Thursday afternoon.
  • The success of March Madness brackets is tied to picking the right upsets.
  • Here is a look at the most popular lower-seeded teams that are being picked to reach at least the Sweet 16.

The NCAA Tournament and March Madness are already underway, but the real fun kicks off Thursday afternoon when the field of 64 starts battling.

As of now, everybody’s bracket is still alive. But whether brackets will still be alive Monday depends on how well people pick the upsets.

Using data from Yahoo’s “Tourney Pick’em” game, we gathered the 15 teams seeded 10th or lower that were the most popular picks to win at least two games. Each of these teams has been chosen to reach at least the Sweet 16 in 2% or more of the brackets.


You can find a printable March Madness bracket here.

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