12 Delicious Snack Foods That Americans Are Totally Missing Out On

If you love a wide variety of junk food, there’s no better place to be than in America.

But even Americans are missing out on some of the world’s tastiest snacks.

A recent Reddit thread asked what products Americans are missing out on. 

The community revealed some awesome snacks from abroad that aren’t widely available in the U.S. After reading through it, we now desperately want to try these, and have them here.

1. Golden Gaytime, Australia. 

This popular ice cream bar is made of toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits. Redditor user1811 calls it “one of the best ice creams you can get in Australia.”  

golden gaytime

 2. Green Tea Kit-Kats, Japan. 

“The only redeeming thing is that they can be ordered on Amazon,” says user HidesInTowers. “Japan is really onto something with those.” 

green tea kit kats

3. Crispy M&M’s, Europe.

These delicious treats were discontinued in the U.S. “I get my dad to bring me back a few bags whenever he goes to Europe for work,” says TraumaBunny.

4. Doner Kababs, Turkey.

User omar_strollin points out that this kebab is not a meat-and-veggie skewer. It’s a sandwich served on flatbread with roasted meat (usually lamb), cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and chilli.  

Döner kebab sandwich

5. Tim Tams, Australia. 

Tim Tams are chocolate malt cookies layered with chocolate cream and coated in a layer of chocolate. They’re often served with coffee or tea. 

tim tams

6. Spezi orange soda, Germany. 

“It tastes a lot more like actual oranges then the thick sugary orange soda in the U.S.,” writes ProfBatman. “More artificial tasting than Orangina, but less artificial than Sunkist.”

spezi soda germany

7. Black Currant Fanta, United Kingdom. 

” If you’re American and haven’t tried it imagine drinking a Blue Tootsie Pop (without the centre),” says TheRedTornado.

black currant fanta

8. Kapsalon, The Netherlands. 

This Dutch food item includes fries, topped with gyro meat, then grilled with a layer of gouda cheese. The concoction is then covered in salad greens. Its name means “hair salon” because the inventor of the dish owned one, according to dwerg85. 

kapsalon dish
 9. Callalo soup, the Caribbean. 
The soup is made from Dasheen leaves, garlic, onion, peppers, okra, and sometimes coconut milk.

“You can’t get dasheen leaves in the U.S.,” writes ConstantlySlippery. “I’ve tried it with spinach but its not the same.”

callaloo soup
10. Paprika-flavored chips, Europe. 

“Barbecue is not the same!” writes killahbabekiss. 

potato chips

11. Erdnuss Schokolade, Germany. 

These sugar-coated chocolate candies are “like 1000x better than M&M’s,” writes berline-calling

schokolierte erdnusse

12. The McAloo Tiki burger, India. 

This meat-free burger is made from potato, chickpeas, and bread. 

mcaloo tiki burger

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