5 clothing trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2019

TargetTarget is currently selling a variety of popcorn-style sweaters.
  • Ahead of the new year, Pinterest shared its top five fashion Pins with INSIDER.
  • The Pins give insight into some clothingtrends that are expected to take off in 2019.
  • Faux-leather earrings and popcorn-style cardigans are among the upcoming style trends.
  • Similarly, knit pleated skirts, sequin jumpsuits, and silk tops are likely to start appearing in the stores of various retailers.

Fashion trends are all about being one step ahead, so it’s never too early to think about what will be in style next.

And if you don’t have the sharpest eye for fashion, that’s OK. Ahead of the new year, Pinterest shared its top five fashion Pins with INSIDER, giving some insight into what trends are expected to take off in the upcoming months.

Of course, some of these styles have already hit store shelves, but there’s a good chance that they won’t be there for long.

One of the first trends to pop up in 2019 will be faux-leather earrings.

AmazonAmazon retailer Bowisheet sells faux-leather earrings in a wide range of colours.

Sometimes, fashion trends come in the way of accessories. Searches for faux-leather earrings have recently increased by 2,831%, according to Pinterest. The style is expected to grow into a bigger trend in 2019 as well.

There’s also a good chance that faux-leather fabric will become more popular overall this year.

AmazonFaux-leather earrings from Bowisheet retails for $US8.98.

After celebrities and consumers have consistently made cases for eco-friendly fashion, multiple designers ditched animal products entirely in 2018.

Meghan Markle may have also played a part in boosting eco-friendly fashion.

Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool/Getty ImagesMarkle’s Reformation dress sold out immediately after she wore it.

The duchess frequently incorporates ethical brands into her wardrobe, and therefore has caused a spike in interest of the eco-friendly brands she wears.

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Everyone will own a “popcorn” cardigan within the next year.

TargetTarget sells these sweaters in three different colours.

If you don’t already own one, you’re probably at least aware of popcorn cardigans. Less than one month away from the new year, the style has already started to appear in retail and online stores.

And, according to Pinterest, Pins featuring the style have recently increased by 1,395%, so the look is sure to become a massive trend in 2019.

These sweaters have nothing to do with actual popcorn.

TargetPopcorn sweaters at Target retail for $US27.

Instead, the name comes from the pronounced stitches on each cardigan, which often resemble the salty snack.

Sequin jumpsuits will soon start trending as well.

Forever21At Forever 21, many of the sequin jumpsuits are rainbow coloured.

Especially in the winter, sparkly minidresses aren’t always ideal for holiday parties. But into the new year, you can expect retailers to offer more options that are equal parts festive and practical.

The style will be a go-to party look in 2019.

Fashion NovaFashion Nova offers some options as well.

Pinterest data shows that searches for sequin jumpsuits have increased by 280%, and multiple online stores are currently selling versions of the style.

2019 will also bring a revival of silk and satin tops.

Macy’sSilk tops are sold in a variety of styles, including long sleeves and camisoles.

After being extremely popular in the early 2000s, silk and satin tops quickly faded out of fashion. Luckily for fans of the style, the shiny garments appear to be making a 2019 comeback.

Pinterest searches for the tops have increased by 231%.

BloomingdalesThis camisole is sold in four colours and retails for $US169.

Commonly sold in the form of camisoles, these silk and satin tops are made from expensive, high-quality fabrics, so luxury retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom currently appear to have the largest selections.

Shoppers can also expect to see tons of knit pleated skirts in the coming year.

ZaraThis particular skirt is so popular that its nearly sold out.

2019 fashion appears to focus on balancing style and comfort, which knit pleated skirts encapsulate perfectly. Searches for the style have so far increased by 75% on Pinterest, and the look is expected to trend even more throughout the year.

This flowing style of skirt is versatile.

Forever 21Pleated miniskirts are often sold in plaid designs.

Knit pleated skirts can be dressed up for work, or down for more casual outings. Similarly, these skirts are sold in both mini and midi lengths, so the look can be worn year round.


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