The most popular beauty products of 2018

Mario Tama/Getty ImagesOnly one lip product made the list.

Of the many beauty products that are currently on the market, only a handful became fan favourites in 2018.

To figure out which products came out on top, Pinterest helped narrow down that data by sharing its top five beauty product Pins with INSIDER. The Pins give some insight into which items were the most highly searched, and therefore the most popular according to Pinterest users.

From Lancôme mascara to nail polish from OPI, these items were the most popular beauty products on Pinterest in 2018.

Lancôme’s Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara was one of the most in-demand eye products in 2018, according to Pinterest.

Macy’sLancôme sells a variety of mascaras on its website.

Sold in a single black shade, this mascara retails for $US25.

Searches for the mascara have recently increased by 316%.

Macy’sThe mascara has a standard wand.

Compared to the original Monsieur Big mascara, which is sold in two shades and is not waterproof, this formula appears to be more popular.

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Throughout 2018, NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams were Pinned more than 186,000 times.

TargetCurrently, these lip products are sold in 42 shades on the NYX website.

A mix between a standard cream lipstick and a liquid lip product, these Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of the most popular beauty products on Pinterest.

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Prices for these lip creams may vary depending on where you purchase beauty products.

NYXNYX’s lip creams are named after cities; this one is named Monte Carlo.

Though the lip creams retail for $US6.50 per tube on the NYX website, Target offers the same products for $US3.89 each.

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The most popular nail polish of 2018 was OPI’s Steady As She Rose, according to Pinterest users.

OverstockThis polish looked far different on nails than it did in the bottle.

A pink polish with unique grey undertones, this product from OPI stood out from others this year. But despite the fact that Pinterest users saved more than 100,000 photos of the shade, OPI discontinued the polish earlier this year.

The only way to currently purchase the colour is to do so through third-party vendors, like eBay, where it is being sold for up to four times the original price tag.

Those wanting to get their hands on a similar colour should consider Smith and Cult’s Powder Posse.

Smith and CultThis one from Smith and Cult is more expensive, retailing for $US18 per bottle.

Though it looks drastically different in the bottle, Smith and Cult’s Powder Posse polish looks nearly identical to OPI’s Steady As She Rose on the nails.

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Too Faced’s Natural Love eye-shadow palette was Pinned more than 48,000 times this year.

Too FacedThe palette has 30 different eye-shadow shades.

Unfortunately for fans of the product, the Natural Love palette is currently sold out both online and in stores, like OPI’s popular nail polish. It hasn’t been formally discontinued, though.

However, there are plenty of dupes on the market.

MorpheThere are no shimmery shades in this palette.

Too Faced’s Natural Love palette included a unique range of shimmer and matte shades, most of which ranged on the cool side. While it’s difficult to find an exact copy, some palettes come pretty close.

The 35N palette from Morphe, for example, features many similar matte colours. It does lack the shimmery shades found in Too Faced’s palette, but the $US24 Morphe product is less expensive, and comes with five extra shades.

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The most inexpensive product on the list is the Moonlight Pearls highlighter from e.l.f.

E.l.fThe highlighter has a yellow undertone.

Pinned more than 19,000 times, the $US4 Moonlight Pearls highlighter was extremely popular this year.

This highlighter is created with a baked formula and is said to be nourishing on the skin.

E.l.f.The shade is said to work for a variety of skin tones.

It’s also sold in four different shades, though Moonlight Pearls appears to be the most popular.

Find out more about e.l.f.’s Moonlight Pearls highlighter >


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