There's A New 'Netflix For Pirates' That Makes It Incredibly Easy To Stream The Latest Movies

There’s a new app called Popcorn Time that uses BitTorrent software to let you stream the latest movies for free, Torrentfreak reports, calling the service “Netflix for pirates.”

Popcorn Time acknowledges its service may be illegal depending on what country you live in. However, one developer named Sebastian told TorrentFreak he’s not worried about Hollywood hounding the creators.

“We don’t host anything, and none of the developers makes any money,” the developer said. “There are no ads, no premium accounts, and no subscription fees or anything like that. It’s an experiment to learn and share.” mentions that movie studios may have a hard time taking down the app since the developers are working on a free and open-source project. However, movie studios have sued individual file downloaders, so viewers may be more at risk and should be cautious when watching a movie.

Here’s how Popcorn Time looks. We do not condone the use of its service.

This warning will appear immediately after you download the app for your computer.

The main menu will feature films that are still in theatres, awaiting a DVD release, or are already available to rent/buy from iTunes or Amazon Prime.

Scroll over to the left and pick a movie to watch in any category. The green lighting bolt indicates that the video plays well and isn’t filled with glitches. 720p at the bottom indicates video quality, and the flags above “Watch It Now” will typically provide subtitles.

The movie will buffer and start playing. You can stop and fastforward with the options on the bottom. There’s no time limit and you can finish the flick at any time.

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