The ‘Netflix For Pirated Movies’ Will Soon Work With Your Google Chromecast

Popcorn Time Main Menu

Popcorn Time is a free streaming service that seeks to bring the ease of Netflix into the realm of pirated media.

It’s a competitive space, but Popcorn Time has been steadily building up its features list and integrating tools to hide your tracks. Now, Popcorn Time even supports Google’s Chromecast streaming device, allowing Windows users to port movies from their laptop or PC over to their TVs.

Chromecast support exists only in Popcorn Time’s newest alpha build for Windows users, so it might be a little finicky.

Mac and Android support for Chromecast are also in the works, in addition to beefed-up security features for covering your tracks. The company is also working on the beta build for Chromecast-supported Popcorn Time, which should be out in the next couple of weeks.

Popcorn Time works by allowing users to stream pirated movies and TV shows without having to worry about deleting the incriminating data afterwards; the service does all the dirty work for you.

There are plenty of nefarious sites for streaming media out there, but Popcorn Time has taken off due to its intuitive Netflix-style interface, self-tidying service, and the ability to stream movies instead of having to wait for a torrent to download.

Windows users can download the latest Popcorn Time alpha with Chromecast support here.

You can download a more stable build of Popcorn Time (without Chromecast support) here.