Pop-Tarts is slamming people for disgusting food creations on Twitter -- and the police have now gotten involved

Know Your Meme/Twitter adumsteevesThe perverted Pop-Tarts combination the brand reported to the police.
  • People are tweeting disgusting food combinations at Pop-Tarts.
  • Pop-Tarts jokingly reported one particularly horrific combination to the police.

Pop-Tarts is speaking out against disgusting food combinations – and has even reported one misguided Pop-Tart creation to the police.

A meme emerged on Twitter over the last month, in which people showcase horrific Pop-Tart creations.

Pop-Tart perversions include Pop-Tarts with ketchup, with ranch dressing, and meat.

However, Pop-Tarts most powerful action taken against someone perpetrating a culinary crime is to literally report them to the police.

Twitter user adumsteeves posted a photo of a Pop-Tart covered in mustard in late November. (The tweet has since disappeared, but Know Your Meme has a screenshot.)

Pop-Tarts quickly alerted the Illinois State Police Twitter account of the tweet, and the Dixon, Illinois Police Department sprang into action.

At some point, the offending tweet disappeared, though, the user says he didn’t delete it. All in all, Pop-Tarts claimed a win, but the Twitter account has continued to be flooded with photos of disgusting Pop-Tart combinations.

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