Pop Star Katy Perry Had A Go At Tony Abbott Over His Stance On Gay Marriage This Morning

Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry, the American pop star famous for her hit song I Kissed a Girl , called out Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for his views on gay marriage this morning.

Abbott was given the chance to ask Perry a question during a segment on 2DayFM’s morning show. He asked her when she was coming back to tour Australia.

“Oh come on, that’s not a political question, let’s talk about gay marriage,” she said, before explaining she could not vote for him as he does not support it.

“Yeah, well, I love you as a human being but I can’t give you my vote then,” she said, after one of the hosts explained Abbott’s stance.

Katy Perry, a citizen of the United States, wouldn’t be allowed to vote in Australia’s September 7 election … But the comments still caused a stir.

Abbott also suggested that her song Hot and Cold could be his “anthem.”

Here’s the audio:

The coalition says marriage should be between a man and a woman, and opposes changing the Marriage Act.

Labor says it would allow MPs a conscience vote on the issue if it wins the election.

Abbott came under fire yesterday when he told broadcaster John Laws that gay marriage was the “fashion of the moment.”

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