Pop Star Katy Perry Attacked After Tweeting An Appeal For Her Followers To ‘Pray for Israel’

It’s been an odd few days for pop-sensation Katy Perry.

Not only did she make history after tying Michael Jackson for having five #1 hits off of a single album, but now the week has taken a vitriolic twist.

That’s because Perry faced a slew of angry responses from Palestinians and their supporters after she sent a tweet asking others to pray for Israel.

This supportive message offers up the word “shalom” (peace) and seems to indicate Perry’s support for the Jewish state:


Of course, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to light up with responses from Muslims, Palestinians and others who found the her message less-than-appealing. Michelle Malkin published some of these harsh messages:



As you can see, Perry was called names, berated, accused of “spitting” on Gaza and the like. In one Tweet, an opponent writes, “Does she look like the kinda girl who prays?” In another (see below), she’s called a “heartless lesbian.”



Of course, it didn’t take Perry long to backtrack on her initial Tweet. Call it fear over negative press or simply a clarifying statement in an effort to remain neutral, but the pop star sent the following message after the firestorm erupted:


So, in the end Perry doesn’t “support any side of violence in any place for any reason.” But, what about “violence” that occurs when a nation is defending itself? Certainly, most reasonable people stand against violent actions, but many would contend that there are times during which forceful defence is a necessary evil.

Some, though, may be counting their blessings. Considering Hollywood’s leftist tilt, it’s a wonder she’s not an unabashed supporter of the Palestinians. Perry was raised in a conservative Christian home, which may explain her less liberal inclinations on the Middle Eastern conflict (you can read about her upbringing here).

This post originally appeared on The Blaze.