Poor Bob Jaffe No Longer Getting Manicures


Bob Jaffe, the wearer of fine suits and driver of nice cars, who recently plead the fifth when asked about his Madoff activities, is no longer getting pro manicures:

Page Six: The beleaguered financier, who got fellow Palm Beachers to trust their millions with Ponz scum Bernard Madoff, has been skipping his weekly manicure sessions at Salon Margrit since mid-January. “He’s probably too embarrassed to show his face,” an insider said. Perhaps he doesn’t want to risk being yelled at. In December, Jaffe was called a “dirty bastard” and nearly pummelled at Mar-a-Lago by Nine West founder Jerome Fisher, who lost $150 million. Jaffe’s flack tells us he was sick for two weeks and then was out of town. “He’s been doing his own nails for a few weeks,” the rep said.

Now he gets to see how real men — men who have to do their own nails — have to live.