The Yale 'Poopetrator' Was Actually Covering Clothes In Chocolate

Yale poopertratorTwitter/LondonoLauraDon’t worry, it’s just chocolate.

Last week, the evolving saga of
someone defecating in the laundry machines at Yale Universitytook a turn for the worse when the “poopetrator” began stringing up soiled clothes in the middle of campus.

Turns out, Friday’s dirty laundry display was no more than chocolate, the Yale Daily News reports:

This news should not alleviate any prior disgust about someone on Yale’s campus using the laundry room as their person restroom, but its still good to know that the latest incident wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Among the odder developments from the pooptastrophe was a series of tweets from cleaning supplies company Clorox, who called for “#Poopertrator justice.” Check them out below:

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