A giant poop emoji is looming over San Francisco

Eagle-eyed pedestrians walking around San Francisco’s Bernal Hill may have noticed a new addition to the landscape in the last few days: a poop emoji rock. That is, a rock  —  perfectly shaped like a poop emoji —  that’s been painted brown and given a face. 

Given the location of the rock, which sits in front of a sweeping view of the city, it’s like a giant poop emoji smiling over San Francisco.

What is the meaning of this? Local blog Bernalwood speculates that it could be an expression of discontent with the election season. It could also, perhaps, be interpreted as a statement on San Francisco and its depressing juxtaposition of homelessness and tech riches. Or maybe someone just noticed that the rock is the right emoji shape.

Whatever the reason, it isn’t the first time that this particular rock has been given a makeover. There was the time it played host to a political fight:

It went purple after Prince’s death and got a patriotic July 4th makeover:

The rock went risque for Mother’s Day:

It became a Christmas tree for a little while:

And before that, there was the classic golden rock:


But for now, the poop emoji may be the winner.

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