Ex-PM Julia Gillard's Rumoured New House Is Like Something From MTV Cribs

Julia Gillard had the toughest job in Australia for the past three years.

Her prime ministership was fraught with problems, the biggest being Kevin Rudd’s incessant destabilisation. Combined with the repeated attacks on everything from her voice and wardrobe style to the political holes she often dug for herself, observers would regularly wonder how she kept her cool through it all.

Party politics were her undoing in the end. Judging by the house in Adelaide that she’s rumoured to have bought, it looks as if now that she’s dropped the politics, she’s ready for plain old party.

The house was going for $1.8 million and it’s straight out of Cribs. For starters, just look at this pool – and the space around it, which, going by the real estate agent’s description, can comfortably fit 100 people.

If the 100 number is right, it would just about fit the entire federal Labor caucus. But it’s (a) unlikely that they’ll be invited around, ever, and (b) hideous to think about them all in their swimmers.

Some of the other features of the house listed in the agent’s description make this an ideal venue for entertaining. They include:

  • 12-person spa
  • two (count ’em, two) bar fridges
  • a commercial pizza oven
  • a nine-burner barbecue
  • Caesar Stone bench tops in the kitchen, and
  • “concert-quality” speakers in the lounge ceiling.

And possibly best of all: the lounge room floor has a secret trap door that leads to a wine cellar.

With the size of the main living area if Gillard were still in politics, she wouldn’t have just a kitchen cabinet, she could have the actual Cabinet over for a yak.

There are four bedrooms, with one of them having a double-shower ensuite. And there’s this great bedroom overlooking the pool:

You can see the full listing and more photos on Harris real estate here. We hope Gillard enjoys the house – and humbly suggest the following song for high rotation on the iPod. There’s language in it but nothing like you’d hear in politics.

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