A Floating Pool In New York's East River Is Getting Closer To Reality

Two summers ago, Family and PlayLab launched the Kickstarter project +Pool, which promised New Yorkers a clean space to swim in the East River with a “floating pool.”

The pool would work like a giant strainer dropped into the river, naturally filtering water from the East River without adding chemicals or additives. And it would actually clean up to half a million gallons of river water daily through a layered filtration system.

Now, after partnering with design, engineering, architectural, and environmental groups, and receiving civil approval for the project, Family and PlayLab is back on Kickstarter to make this thing into a reality.

The company is looking to raise $250,000 to build a “test” version of the pool. And it looks like they’ll have no problem reaching their goal: At the time of this post, the company had reached almost half that amount with more than 1,000 backers and 24 days left to go.

The coolest part of the Kickstarter project is that people who fund the +Pool can buy one of the 70,000 tiles that will line the pool. They can put their name, logo, or whatever they like on the tile for a pledge starting at $25.

If all of the 70,000 tiles are bought, the company says the $15 million project will be completely funded. The first 5,000 people to pledge will also get two tickets to the opening day of + Pool.

See what the + Pool could look like below:

When it’s done, the +Pool would float in New York’s East River with a path from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

+Pool Kickstarter Project Family PlayLab

Without adding any chemicals or additives, +Pool would naturally filtrate the surrounding water.

+Pool Kickstarter Project Family PlayLab

The pool will be separated into four parts: For kids, sports, laps, and lounging.

+Pool Kickstarter Project Family PlayLab

Here’s what those Kickstarter tiles would look like:

+Pool Kickstarter Project Family PlayLab

And the view of the pool at night.

+Pool Kickstarter Project Family PlayLab

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