“Ponzi: The Musical” In The Works


Following in the dancing footsteps of the Michael Milken ballet, plans are underway to turn the non-fiction book, Ponzi’s Scheme, about the original swindler Charles Ponzi, into a musical.

NY Times: It’s not “Bernie Madoff: The Musical,” but Jean Doumanian Productions, a producer of “August: Osage County” and several Woody Allen films, is developing the non-fiction book “Ponzi’s Scheme” into a musical.

Ms. Doumanian, in an interview on Tuesday, said that her production company had recently acquired the stage and film rights to the book, written by Mitchell Zuckoff and published in 2005 by Random House.

The book could also be turned into a movie, Doumanian said.

“We’ll go with whichever project comes to fruition first,” she said.

Ok, so let’s play this game: Who should play Charles Ponzi?

Just based on the few pictures we could find, we think he looks like a thinner Andy Garcia. Then again, we’d be remiss not to suggest that perennial broadway star William H. Macy couldn’t play the part as well.

What do you think? Who should step into Ponzi’s (presumably fake) leather shoes?