Polyvore Is Now Profitable And It's Demolishing Style.com

jess lee polyvoreJess Lee is cofounder of Polyvore

Photo: Polyvore

Polyvore, a four-year-old startup that allows users to make collages from pictures of clothing, is on a tear.

It’s pulling in 10 million monthly users — that’s 5 times more than Conde Nast’s Style.com which has just 2 million.”When I left Google four years ago, everyone told me I was crazy,” cofounder Jess Lee told Gigaom. “Fashion and e-commerce was just not a hot space at the time.”

Now Polyvore, which has $8.2 million in funding, is one of the most visited fashion websites.

Polyvore lets users mix and match products from anywhere on the web to create a personal style. It also shows popular products other users are curating from online stores and highlights popular trends.

For more on Polyvore’s success, head over to Gigaom >>

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