Polls show Greece is leaning towards a 'No' vote -- but the mood is shifting

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Opinion polls show Greece’s planned referendum asking voters whether to accept the bailout offer imposing further austerity measures on the beleaguered nation is on track to be defeated, although sentiment has started to turn in favour of the deal following bank closures on Monday.

Reuters newswire reports on three different polls taken before, around, and after the banks closures and it’s clear that this has had an impact on the No vote.

One poll taken before and after the bank closures has the No vote leading with 54%, against 33% for Yes and and 13% undecided.

Another poll, taken before the bank closures had the No vote on 57%, with 30% for Yes and the undecideds also on 13%.

But a third poll taken taken after the bank closures has seen the No vote shrink to 46%, with the Yes vote rising to 37% and the undecided vote increasing to 17%.

The rising level of undecideds suggests campaigning in the days ahead could be decisive.

Reuters said the polls were conducted before the bank closures by Prorata Polling Institute for the the Efimerida Synatkton newspaper.

That means that prime minister Alexis Tsipras is close to securing the No vote he wants, but the referendum looks like it is going to be close.

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