Donald Trump just got another brutal batch of swing-state polling

A slew of polls released Tuesday found Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by several points in key swing states, adding to her polling gains in recent days.

A series of NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls showed Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, leading her Republican challenger in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Ohio. Trump failed to break 40% in all of those states.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Iowa: Clinton 41%, Trump 37%
  • Ohio: Clinton 43%, Trump 38%
  • Pennsylvania: Clinton 48%, Trump 37%

Another set of polls released Tuesday, from Quinnipiac University, also put Clinton ahead in three swing states, although her lead was narrower.

Here’s the breakdown of that poll:

  • Florida: Clinton 46%, Trump 45%
  • Ohio: Clinton 49%, Trump 45%
  • Pennsylvania: Clinton 52%, Trump 42%

Both polls noted how unpopular Trump and Clinton are in those states. Both candidates have generally negative favorability ratings.

Clinton has been consistently ahead of Trump in national polls. But the mogul saw a bump after the Republican National Convention, surpassing Clinton for a few days. Clinton received the same bump after the Democratic National Convention the following week, and she has cemented herself on top amid a plethora of controversies that have engulfed the Trump campaign.

The NBC/WSJ/Marist polls surveyed registered voters between August 3-7, and the Quinnipiac poll surveyed likely voters between July 30 and August 7.

The margin of error on the NBC/WSJ/Marist polls was between 3.3% and 3.4% points, and Quinnipiac’s is between 3% and 3.4% points.

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