POLL: Who Should Take Regis Philbin's Place With Kelly Ripa?

Regis Replacements

How long could a “Live with Ricky Gervais and Kelly Ripa” last, before the two hosts came to blows?

Not long, we’re guessing — but it would be awesome to watch.

What if “Live!” got rid of a male anchor altogether, and went with a (Megyn) Kelly on Kelly angle? Which blonde would come out on top?

Would adding in Anderson Cooper make the show too serious? Would Tyler Perry help the show reach a more diverse audience? Should the morning show lose a bit of its wholesomeness by hiring Eliot Spitzer?

And who wouldn’t tune into a “Live with Glenn Beck and Kelly Ripa”?

The producers could go in any direction on this one — let us know which pair-up you’d be most excited to watch.

Ricky Gervais

He would certainly spice up the morning. Who doesn't want gay Scientologist jokes with their coffee.

Tyler Perry

As Perry has so ably demonstrated on Oprah he's got the emo for the job.

Megyn Kelly

Live with Kelly and Kelly? Megyn Kelly is at her best when her chatty friendly non-scolding side is on display. One imagines she could be an even bigger hit in the am than she is on Fox in the afternoons.

Jimmy Fallon

Funny and good-looking.

Seth Meyers

It'd certainly be a better gig than the inevitably bad comedy movies that follow former SNL-ers around.

Anderson Cooper

Those eyes were meant for daytime. Plus this would be a much surer thing that whatever his new syndicated show will result in.

Eliot Spitzer


Shep Smith

ABC's morning viewers should be so lucky.

Glenn Beck

Viewers could call in on Beck's special morning TV red phone and pick their favourite patriot holiday. Also, he's funny.

Ryan Seacrest

He's good looking and charming. Basically he's a young Regis.

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