This Is Why Texas Abortion Filibuster Star Wendy Davis Can't Come Close To Rick Perry

Wendy Davis Rick Perry Texas

As chatter heats up on the possibility of State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) embarking on a run for governor, a new poll shows two key reasons why it would be a significant uphill battle for her.

The poll, from Public Policy Polling, found that although Davis is popular in Texas amid a week in the national spotlight, Gov. Rick Perry (R) has actually strengthened his status among Texas voters over the past five months. 

And thus far, Davis fails to close the gap with women voters against either Perry or Attorney General Greg Abbott in hypothetical matchups.

Perry leads Davis by a 53-39 margin in their matchup, and Abbott leads Davis 48-40. But in a particularly revealing statistic about her chances, Perry leads Davis by 6 points among women, and Abbott bests her by 5 with women. 

Other potential Democratic candidates actually fare better because they poll just about as well — if not better — with women voters, and they significantly close the Republican advantage among men. Davis trails Perry by an astounding 25 points among men, and Abbott by 13 points.

On the other hand, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro only trails Perry by 7 points overall, thanks to a 5-point deficit among women and 9-point deficit among men. Former Houston Mayor Bill White trails by 10, due to a 15-point deficit with men.

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