Staggering poll result shows the enormous hurdle Donald Trump faces with a key group of voters

Donald trumpDrew Angerer/Getty ImagesDonald Trump at a campaign event in New York City.

Donald Trump’s support among one of the fastest growing demographics in the country has plunged to one of its lowest points yet.

A new poll released Sunday, from NBC, the Wall Street Journal, and Telemundo, found that 76% of registered Latino voters supported Clinton, compared to just 14% who reported supporting Trump. And 82% of Latino voters said they view Trump unfavorably.

Part of Trump’s negative image among Latinos is almost certainly rooted in his harsh rhetoric about immigration, a top issue for many Latino voters who see it as a litmus test for how candidates perceive the Latino community.

Among a series of inflammatory remarks, Trump has said that Mexico isn’t “sending their best” to the US, and he has promised to deport the more than 10 million immigrants living in the US without permission.

Trump’s low standing among Latino voters presents one of the largest barriers to his presidency — his low level of support among the group of voters is unprecedented.

Whit Ayres, top Republican pollster, told Business Insider during the Republican presidential primaries that whichever candidate won would need around 40% of the Latino vote to clinch the election.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) carried just 27% of the Latino vote in 2012, according to exit polls. That’s a far cry from former President George W. Bush’s support among Latinos in the 2004 election, in which he topped off at about 44%.

The Trump campaign appears to subscribe to the belief among some Republicans analysts that a candidate could win without wooing Latino voters. Instead, some analysts have argued, a candidate needs only to increase turnout among white, working-class voters in states with a lower minority population.

Trump has argued that he may be able to do just that in Rust Belt states like Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. But most public opinion surveys show that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee isn’t breaking through in those states.

Latinos don’t appear to be the only minority voting group that’s been alienated by the real-estate mogul.

A recent round of state polls in Ohio and Pennsylvania found Trump with roughly 0% support among black voters in the two states.

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