Just 2% of Trump voters say they regret voting for him

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While President Donald Trump’s approval ratings 100 days into his presidency are the lowest in modern history, he’s maintaining strong support among those who voted for him. 

A Washington Post/ABC poll released Sunday found that while just 42% of respondents said they approved of Trump’s performance so far, 96% of Trump voters said they did the right thing by voting for him.

Just 2% said they regretted voting for Trump. 

Meanwhile, among those who voted for Hillary Clinton, only 85% said they would vote for her again. Respondents who said they would not support Clinton again largely said they would either vote for a third-party candidate or refrain from voting at all.

The poll suggests that while Trump’s overall approval ratings remain low, voters continue to be critical of the political establishment more broadly. While 38% of respondents believe Trump is in touch with the concerns of the American people, just 32% said the Republican Party was in touch and 28% said the Democratic Party was in touch. 

Trump reacted to the poll on Twitter on Sunday, arguing that the new numbers prove his popularity despite “FAKE” media that he says is disproportionately negative. He added that he would “still beat Hillary in popular vote.” Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by 2.1 percentage points, but the Post poll showed voters preferred him over Clinton by 43% to 40% if the election were held today.

Trump has consistently denounced his low approval ratings as “fake news,” often citing polling that predicted he would lose the 2016 election as evidence that surveys, and those who conduct them, are biased against him. 

Recent presidents have all enjoyed majority approval ratings 100 days into their presidencies — Barack Obama had a 61% approval rating, while George W. Bush was at 56% and Bill Clinton at 52%.

The RealClearPolitics average of 12 major polls puts Trump’s approval rating at 42.3% and his disapproval rating at 51.8% — a slight drop in approval and rise in disapproval compared to last month. 

The Washington Post/ABC poll surveyed 1,004 adults by phone between April 17-20 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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