Now Even One Of The Most Democratic States Is Turning On Obama

AP653393340105AP/Steven SennePresident Barack Obama addresses the slaying of journalist James Foley

A Field Poll released on Tuesday showed President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped to a record low in the staunchly blue state of California. This decline includes the state’s most left-leaning cities, which Field’s director described as a particularly bad sign for Obama.

“These are constituencies that have been strong followers,” Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo said, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The poll showed Obama’s approval rating in California at 45%, down from a second term high of 62% following his 2013 inauguration. It was also down 5% from the last Field Poll, which was released in June, making it the first time the president’s California approval was under 50% since 2011. Obama’s approval dropped 11 points in Los Angeles County and 7 points in the San Francisco Bay area.

DiCamillo suggested the president’s apparent issues with his base could spell trouble for California Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.

“The opinions of likely voters in November are even more negative,” he explained.

While presidential approval ratings typically declined over time, DiCamillo attributed Democratic dissatisfaction with Obama to his inability to score wins on issues important to liberals.

“There’s very little, besides the health reform law, that he can actually hang his hat on,” DiCamillo said of the president.

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