POLL: More Than Half Of Republicans Think A Government Shutdown Is Fine If It Means More Spending Cuts.

More than half of all self-identified Republicans said they thought a government shutdown is an appropriate price to pay for a deal guaranteeing additional spending cuts, a poll found. 

The poll was carried out by SurveyMonkey on behalf of Business Insider through their Audience polling feature.  While online polling has historically been criticised for inaccuracies, SurveyMonkey has an excellent track record and was more accurate during the election than many phone-based pollsters.

Overall, 51 per cent of Republicans said that they agreed that a shutdown of the federal government would be acceptable in exchange for cuts, while only 16 per cent disagreed. Among Republicans, 30 per cent were unsure. 

Democrats were much more strongly opposed to using a government shutdown as a negotiating tactic, with only 16 per cent in favour and 49 per cent opposed. Independents were more evenly split, with 24 per cent in favour, 29 per cent opposed and 26 per cent unsure. 

Here’s the breakdown:

government shutdown

Photo: SurveyMonkey

The poll also found that while 81 per cent of respondents knew wat the debt ceiling was, 19 per cent admitted they did not know or weren’t sure. 

If there was a government shutdown, 35 per cent of respondents would hold the Republican party responsible, 15 per cent would hold Democrats responsible, and 48 per cent would hold both parties responsible. 

60 per cent of respondents would consider Congress to blame in the event of a debt ceiling negotiation breakdown and a subsequent shutdown. 

The poll had a sample of 651 respondents and was carried out between January 18 and January 23. 

Here’s the full poll:

Business Insider Government Shutdown Poll by


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