POLL: People would prefer 'Someone Else' to lead Labor over Bill Shorten or any of his senior colleagues

Photo: Cole Bennetts / Getty Images

It’s not news that Australians aren’t hugely enamoured of their political leaders lately but this finding in an Essential poll out yesterday was a shocker for the Labor party:

More people would prefer “Someone Else” to be opposition leader over Bill Shorten or any of the people who, as things stand, would be his most likely replacements.

Bill Shorten was under intense scrutiny last month, appearing at the Royal Commission into union corruption where he was defending historical agreements he struck between contractors and his union at the time, the AWU.

Voters are generally uninspired by the leaders of the major parties at the moment, with Shorten and the prime minister, Tony Abbott, both sitting on approval ratings in the mid-30s.

Not that things are much more inspiring on the government side. Only 18% of voters prefer Abbott as Liberal leader, up from an abysmal 11% in February. He is outshone by Malcolm Turnbull at a comparatively enthusiastic 24%. Among Coalition voters, however, Abbott is the clear leader with 41% as preferred leader compared to Turnbull’s 21%. Here’s the chart:

The full report from Essential Vision is here, including more survey information on what voters see as the biggest risks for Australia. Worth a look.

And as always, someone on Twitter found a great Simpsons reference:

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