Obama Is Crumbling With White Men, And It Could Cost Him The Election

Barack Obama

Photo: AP

With just 13 days to go until the presidential election, Mitt Romney continues to tighten the race with Barack Obama, according to the latest daily tracking poll from ABC News and the Washington Post. Overall, the poll shows the race unchanged from Tuesday, with the candidates essentially tied among likely voters. But deeper within the results, the poll shows Romney opening up his lead over Obama on key economic questions, particularly among white male voters. 

For the first time since August, the poll found that likely voters now trust Romney to handle the economy over Obama, 50-44 per cent. The Republican nominee has also closed Obama’s lead on the question of which candidate better understands the economic problems of average Americans. On this, Obama now holds a 5-point advantage, 50-45 per cent, down from a 9-point lead earlier this month. 

Romney’s gains are primarily driven by shifting support among white male voters. According to the poll, white men now favour Romney on the economy, 65-30 per cent, compared to 57-38 per cent earlier this month.

Romney now holds a whopping 65-32 per cent lead among white men, his highest yet of the campaign. This surge in support has further widened the gender gap, giving Romney a 17-point lead among male voters. 

Bottom Line: These trends aren’t enough to change topline preferences, but they are still a troubling sign for the Obama, who tied John McCain for the men’s vote in 2008.  

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