Liz Cheney Is Getting Destroyed In The First Poll Of Wyoming's Senate Race

Liz Cheney Wyoming

The first poll of the Republican primary in Wyoming’s Senate race next year shows challenger Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, in rough shape against incumbent Mike Enzi. 

The poll, which was conducted by Harper Polling for the website Conservative Intel, gives Enzi a monster 55-21 lead over Cheney, who announced her candidacy for the seat on Tuesday.

Moreover, it’s clear that Cheney is going up against a very popular incumbent in Enzi. He is viewed favourably by 76% of Wyoming Republicans, compared with just 6% who view him unfavorably. A high 73% of Wyoming Republicans approve of the job he’s doing as their senator, compared with just 9% who disapprove. And 48% believe he deserves to be re-elected, compared to 28% who think someone new should take the seat.

Other Republican senators that have been challenged have been far more unpopular. Only 45% view Cheney favourably, but 38% have no opinion of her. The only small opening for her comes in the fact that 48% of Wyoming Republicans believe Enzi deserves re-election — a number that is much smaller than his approval rating and personal popularity.

The poll surveyed 422 Republicans in Wyoming. You can check out the full results here.

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