POLL: Investor Confidence Is At Its Highest Level Since January 2008

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Maybe it’s the heat.

But Rasmussen’s daily investor confidence index rose nine points Friday to 110.2its highest level since January 2008.

Investor confidence is up 13 points from last week and 17 points from a month ago.

Rasmussen’s measure of consumer confidence, meanwhile, reached a 2012 high of 93.1. The index is up nine points from a month ago.

30-eight per cent of consumers rated their finances as good or excellent, matching optimism levels of fall of 2008.

The poll was not all bullish.

Just 27% of consumers say their personal finances are getting better, while 47% say they are getting worse.

Investors are divided on the future of their finances: the percentage of respondents who said their finances were getting better matched the percentage who said they were worsening, at 37%.

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