New poll finds huge public support for Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto promises

LONDON — Labour’s leaked manifesto pledges are hugely popular with the public according to a new poll for Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

According to a poll by Comres for the Daily Mirror, the following plans have majority support from among the public:

  • Plans to renationalise the railways;
  • Freeze the retirement age;
  • Ban zero hours contracts;
  • Increase taxes on the rich;
  • Build hundreds of thousands of new council homes.

By contrast, Theresa May’s plans to axe the ban on fox-hunting and increase the retirement age, received the support of just 12% and 15% of voters respectively.

Of the 13 promises listed in the poll, only Labour’s immigration policy was opposed by more people than supported it.

Here are the key policies from Labour’s manifesto in order of popularity:

Keeping the ban on foxhunting.

Support: 78%

Oppose: 12%

Keeping the pension age at 66 rather than increasing it as the government currently plans to.

Support: 74%

Oppose: 15%

Banning zero hours employment contracts.

Support: 71%

Oppose: 16%

Increasing income tax for people earning more than £80,000 a year.

Support: 65%

Oppose: 23%

Requiring local councils to build an additional 100,000 new council houses a year.

Support: 54%

Oppose: 24%

Bringing back conductors on driver-only trains.

Support: 53%

Oppose: 18%

Renationalising Britain’s railways.

Support: 52%

Oppose: 22%

Renationalising Royal Mail.

Support: 50%

Oppose: 25%

Renationalising the energy industry.

Support: 49%

Oppose: 24%

Abolishing tuition fees for all university students irrespective of their background.

Support: 46%

Oppose: 37%

Creating a National Education Service to mirror the National Health Service.

Support: 43%

Oppose: 20%

A commitment to give Parliament a veto on the final Brexit deal.

Support: 36%

Oppose: 35%

Scrapping the Conservative Party’s commitment to reduce net migration to the UK to below 100,000.

Support: 32%

Oppose: 49%

The findings are in stark contrast to the reception Labour’s leaked manifesto has received in the press. Several leading newspapers accused Corbyn of putting forward a “far-left” agenda which would “take Britain back to the 1970s” and serve as a “suicide note” for the party.

However, while Labour’s individual policies are popular, the public appear to doubt the party’s ability to deliver them.
51% of respondents told Comres that the Conservatives had “more realistic and well thought out policies than Labour” as opposed to 31% who thought that Labour’s policies were more realistic.

And despite backing Labour policies overall, 47% of respondents said they were “less likely to vote Labour” after hearing their policies than they had been before, as opposed to 34% who said the opposite.

Meanwhile 56% of respondents told Comres that they believed Jeremy Corbyn “would be a disaster as Prime Minister” as opposed to just 30% who said he “would be given a fair chance of leading the country.”

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