POLL: Americans think Hillary Clinton screwed up with her emails

Hillary clintonREUTERS/Mike SegarFormer U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It seems Hillary Clinton’s email controversy has dented her still unannounced presidential campaign.

According to a new CNN poll released Monday, a 51% majority of Americans think Clinton has at least a “somewhat serious” problem after it was revealed she exclusively used her personal email while she served as secretary of state. A 31% plurality said the email issue is “very serious.”

A full 51% of respondents also said Clinton “has not done enough” to explain her unorthodox email use, which reportedly violated federal guidelines and could have left sensitive information vulnerable on her non-government server. Similarly, 51% said Clinton “did do something wrong” by using her private email for government work,.

However, when asked about the controversy using different language, a majority of Americans sided with Clinton’s supporters. For example, 52% of respondents said they agreed that Clinton’s email use “is not relevant to her character or her ability to serve as president” than the opposite.

Additionally, Clinton’s overall favorability has dropped since November, when CNN last polled her standing. Her favourable rating has slipped from 59% to 53% while her unfavorable rating has increased from 38% to 44%.

It’s unclear what role, if any, the email issue had in Clinton’s sinking favorability, but the former secretary of state has been under intense media scrutiny since two weeks ago, when The New York Times revealed her email practices. Clinton finally addressed the controversy last Tuesday with a chaotic press conference.

View the full CNN poll results below:

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