Hillary Clinton is finally getting some good poll news

Hillary Clinton is finally getting some much-needed breathing room in the polls.

A new CNN/ORC poll out on Monday shows Clinton’s support among likely Democratic primary voters rising to 42% from 37% earlier this month.

That puts her significantly above Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who garnered 24% in the poll, and Vice President Joe Biden, who captured 22% despite the fact that he is not an official candidate.

A previous CNN poll released earlier this month saw Sanders within 10% of Clinton among Democratic primary voters.

The poll also suggests there’s plenty of room for Clinton to grow her support base should Biden decide to stay out of the race, though this is looking increasingly unlikely.

According to CNN, 57% of Democrats reported that they’d choose Clinton if Biden stayed out of the race, compared to only 28% who’d choose Sanders. It indicates Clinton still has a far greater base of support in the party despite the vocal, energetic support that’s propelled Sanders to first place in some polls of key early states, including Iowa and New Hampshire.

But it’s unclear if this is the beginning of a rebound for Clinton, who over the past month has sustained a significant drop in polls in key early states and among several crucial constituencies.

The former secretary of state is barely beating Sanders in Iowa, and trails him outright in New Hampshire, according to recent polls. A recent Washington Post poll found that her support among Democratic women has dropped from 71% in July to 42% this month.

And another poll out on Monday showed that for the first time, her unfavorable rating has surpassed her favourable rating in New York, the state she represented for eight years in the US Senate.

For her part, Clinton has continued to campaign vigorously and has attempted to alter public perception that she is disconnected from voters by making more live media appearances and ditching her teleprompter to encourage Clinton to be more candid.

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