New Poll Shows Shutdown Has Been A Catastrophe For Republicans

The Republican Party is more unpopular than it’s been at any time since at least 1989.

With the government shutdown and debt ceiling fight ongoing, just 24% of Americans have a positive view of the Republican Party, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll.

That’s the lowest level in 24 years of WSJ/NBC polling. It’s also down 8 points from June. 53% view the Republican Party negatively.

That compares with 39% who view the Democratic Party positively, which is the same level as June. 40% view the Democratic Party negatively.

Respondents were 22 points more likely to blame the shutdown on Republicans in Congress than on President Obama. 53% mostly blame Republicans, while 31% mostly blame the President. 13% blame both equally.

The poll also offers reason to believe the shutdown and debt limit fight are having negative impacts on consumer confidence and the economy. 78% of respondents said the country is on the “wrong track,” and only 14% said it was heading in the right direction.

That is nearly the worst response NBC/WSJ has ever gotten on that question. The numbers were worse only once before: October 2008, right after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

63% said the ongoing budget negotiations in Washington made them feel less confident about the economy getting better. Somehow, 7% of Americans are drawing increased economic confidence from Washington today.

And aren’t just nervous, they really think the shutdown matters. 73% say the shutdown is an “extremely” or “quite” serious problem. Only 57% said so when NBC asked the same question during the government shutdown in November 1995.

31% of respondents said they had been personally affected by the shutdown, compared to just 18% in 1995.

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