A new poll shows Donald Trump dominating a state he’s not necessarily supposed to win

A new poll released Thursday found Donald Trump with a big lead in Oregon, a state not necessarily expected to be favourable to the Manhattan billionaire.

The poll, conducted by the Portland-based Hoffman Research Group, found Trump leading Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, by 17 points.

Trump, the GOP frontrunner, was the choice of 43% of respondents. Cruz was favoured by 26%. John Kasich, the Ohio governor, is the top choice of just 17% of those polled.

Multiple projections that plotted out the path for Trump to reach 1,237 delegates — the total needed to secure the Republican nomination — had him picking up roughly one-third of the 28 available delegates in the state.

The poll was the first taken of Oregon voters in 2016. It’s another bad sign for the unprecedented deal between Kasich and Cruz, which has gotten off to a rough start.

The candidates’ agreement called for Cruz to pull out of Oregon to let Kasich devote heavy resources to the state and, ideally, pick up most of the available delegates. But, as the poll showed, nearly 10% fewer voters favoured the Ohio governor over the Texas senator, who has been successful in Western states.

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