Donald Trump starts the general election staring at a potential landslide loss

As Donald Trump was elevated to the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, a new poll showed the Manhattan billionaire starting off a general-election matchup Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton down by double digits.

A new poll from CNN/ORC, completed ahead of Trump’s massive win in Indiana that knocked both Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz out of the GOP race, showed that Clinton held a 13-point lead over Trump.

That 54% to 41% lead was her largest in the poll since July.

Clinton was more trusted than Trump on terrorism, immigration, foreign policy, education, health care, and climate change.

Trump, meanwhile, was viewed as more trustworthy with handling the economy, the top issue for voters.

Both candidates are not popular with the general public. About an even split of voters said they view Clinton favourably and unfavorably. Trump got unfavorable ratings from 56% of voters, while 41% said they view him favourably.

Last month, an electoral-map projection from Morning Consult found that Clinton had a huge lead over Trump in the Electoral College, as well. Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, holds a virtually insurmountable lead against Sen. Bernie Sanders, her lone remaining Democratic challenger.

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