Poll: Bosses Main Source of Unhappiness At Work

Hey … all you bosses out there: Do you know what is making your underlings miserable at work?

It’s you, by a landslide!

We asked CareerBliss users to share with us the source of their work-related unhappiness. More than a third of the 1,108 respondents choose “boss” – and we gave a total of eight possible responses.

Sure, bosses are easy targets. But, to be honest, we thought compensation, stress and coworkers would rank higher (10 per cent, 6 per cent, 5 per cent, respectively).

Maybe it’s time for some of you people in charge to reevaluate your management techniques – just a thought.

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Commenter Seruge shared some boss-based angst (full disclosure — we cleaned up the quote a bit):

“The supervisor that the company brought over to the unit I work at, is very sneaky, very greedy and not much of an considerate person to his loyal employees – he only cares about his bonus. He refuses to reward his hard-working employees,” Seruge laments.

Here are the full results of our less-than-scientific poll:

64%: Boss

10%: Pathetic pay

7%: No room to advance

6%: Stress

5%: Coworkers

3%: What I do

3%: I’m generally happy

2%: What doesn’t make me unhappy?

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