Ivanka Trump's $35 Target dress could be seen as a move to distance herself from her stepmother

Last month, Melania Trump made headlines for wearing a jacket that cost more than most Americans make in a year. Ivanka Trump seems to be trying a different approach to first family fashion. 

On Monday, the first daughter was spotted leaving her home in Washington, DC wearing a $US35 dress from Target, the Daily Mail reported.

The dress, part of Victoria Beckham’s Target collaboration, is actually on clearance on Target’s website for just $US17.50. 

Wearing a Target dress that most people can buy for less than $US20 could be seen as an effort to come off as relateable to the American public. 

The same tactic was adopted by Michelle Obama, who made headlines for wearing clothing from Target and other reasonably-priced brands like J. Crew.

After President Trump signed his original travel ban executive order in January, Ivanka shared a photo of herself in a $US5,000 silver gown. She was quickly accused of being 
“tone-deaf” for posting the glamorous photo at a time when refugees were being detained at airports as a result of the executive order. 

But one branding expert told Business Insider that Ivanka’s fashion decision could have been purposeful ploy to distance herself from her family. 

“The dress picture says ‘I don’t necessarily want to be associated or aligned with the Trump administration,'” Eric Schiffer, CEO of Reputation Management Consultants, told Business Insider. “It shows that she is doing things that are asynchronistic, or not connected to Trump’s actions.”

Last week, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, despite reported pressure from Ivanka to remain in the deal. 

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