Today's Politics Headlines in 60 Seconds


Here is what you need to know this morning: 

1.  Obama is getting his mojo back.

2.  Inflationary pressure is beginning to spook the global policy elite.

3.  Yield curve signals downgrade of U.S. credit status? Maybe.

4.  Fiscal profligacy drives U.S. down the road to foreign policy ruin. Foreign policy establishment unnerved

5.  Downgrades of state/muni bonds likely this year, says Standard & Poor.  You don’t say.

6.  Californian Pension Funds did well last year; still underfunded, still need taxpayer money to bridge the gap. 

7.  A model for predicting social unrest has acquitted itself well in the real world. Here’s the five-year outlook for the rest of the world.  

8.  Meeting expectations: Romney wins N.H. straw poll.

9. Sen. John Thune (R-SD) is “exploring” New Hampshire.

10.  Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants to have a TV chat show on cable, according to Page Six

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