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Greetings,    Obama’s fundraising numbers are nowhere near where they need to be. 

From Business Insider’s Grace Wyler:

The President’s recent fundraising gains do little to quell concerns that the campaign is struggling to woo big money donors. Last month’s haul is still less than the $56 million Obama raised during the same month in 2008, when he was still locked in a primary battle with Hillary Clinton. 

An FEC analysis by the Washington Post shows that only 11,175 people have given Obama $2,000 or more this election cycle, down from more than 23,000 during the same period in 2008. His re-election campaign now trails far behind Romney in convincing donors to fork over big checks. 

Obama’s fundraising problems are particularly acute among donors in the financial sector; Romney has raised nearly three times more Wall Street cash than Obama during this election cycle. 

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The president may be able to reverse these trends once he has a proper opponent. Four years ago he was facing off against Hillary Clinton, and it was known very quickly that John McCain would be the Republican nominee.

Right now many are not convinced that Mitt Romney will be the nominee (though they should be). And although Obama has been raising funds and making political moves, he doesn’t seem to be in a battle as he was four years ago. 


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This Day In Politics

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Read the harrowing account of the life of Shin In Geun, a young man who was born in a North Korean prison camp, and who may be the only person living known to have escaped one. 


What’s Next

Mitt Romney is gradually putting the nominating contest away. He is very likely to win the Illinois primary tomorrow. And in the next few weeks he’ll be looking at victories in New York, Washington D.C. and probably California as well. 

Also, on Friday, religious groups are planning on rallies across the nation to protest the HHS mandate for contraceptive and sterilization coverage. 



Michael Brendan Dougherty    Politics Editor  BusinessInsider.com  [email protected]

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