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Greetings, Newt Gingrich is riding high after his victory in the South Carolina primary, and his poll numbers nationally and in Florida are rising above Mitt Romney’s. 

Newt has been using the many, many debates to outshine his opponent. 

But Mitt Romney is fighting back by going negative – reminding voters of Newt’s career as a spokesman/strategist for Freddie Mac, his disgraceful exit from the Speakership, and personal baggage. 


News You May Need:

FT: Qaddafi supporters seize a Libyan town, four die. 

WP: Supreme Court rules that warrants are needed to track people via GPS. 

WP: Former CIA Officer leaked information to the press, arrested. 

WP: Embryonic stem-cell therapy may have restored a woman’s vision

The Day’s Reads:

NYT: Paul Krugman looks over evidence our economy is healing.

WSJ: Rick Santorum, on his fight to end abortion


This Day In Politics

On January 23, 1997 Madeleine Albright becomes the first woman to serve as United States Secretary of State.

Tweet Of The Day:

From Senator Rand Paul’s Communications Director, Moira Bagley, the tweet that launched one of the more bizarre news stories of the day

Moira Bagley Tweet

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What’s Next

Yet another Republican debate tonight at 8pm on NBC. This will be the first debate after the drubbing Newt Gingrich gave Mitt Romney in South Carolina. Look out for Newt being overconfident, or Romney being overly-defensive. Romney is under high pressure to reverse the past week of bad news stories. 

Tomorrow night: Barack Obama delivers the state of the union address. 


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