Politics At Lunch: What You Need To Know At Mid-Day

gabrielle giffords

1. More good news for Mitt Romney. A new Gallup poll shows his slice of the national Republican electorate increasing by seven percentage points (to 24%) in the last two weeks. His closest competitor, Sarah Palin, is at 17 per cent.  All others are in single digits.

2. Tonight, St. Anselm College hosts the first New Hampshire GOP presidential primary. With his newly-cemented front-runner status, Romney will likely be the target of attacks from his six debate opponents.

3. Jon Huntsman says again that he is almost ready to officially announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination. He is not participating in tonight’s New Hampshire debate, saying that he is not yet a candidate.

4. The New York Times reports that President Obama has embarked on a concerted campaign to win back Wall Street support, meeting with dozens of bankers and hedge fund managers at the White House and dispatching two of his top aides to argue his case. While some 2008 fundraisers have signed on, others remain unconvinced. Anthony Scaramucci, a hedge fund manager who donated to Obama in 2008, hosted a fundraiser last week last week at the Mandarin Hotel in New York for Mitt Romney.

5. The first photos of Representative Gabrielle Giffords since the January 8 Tucson shooting were released yesterday. The photos were taken on May 17, the day after Giffords watched her husband, Mark Kelly, command the space shuttle endeavour into space. Giffords’ chief of staff reports that her boss has improved and might be released from her rehab centre in a few weeks, but still has trouble communicating.

6. The latest pictures of Anthony Weiner are up at TMZ. No comment.

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