Politics At Lunch: All You Need To Know At Mid-Day

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It’s lunch-time, here’s what’s happening in politics:

1. The whispers that Texas Governor Rick Perry might enter the GOP presidential campaign are quickly becoming a deafening roar. With yesterday’s spate of resignations from the imploded Gingrich campaign, two former Perry aides are said to be flying direct from New Hampshire to Austin to get Perry’s campaign off the ground. The Daily Caller says Perry would be “one of the most charismatic and likable candidates in the field.”

2. The political class is falling over itself in a rush to post-mortem the Gingrich campaign, while the patient squirms on the table claiming he is still, despite appearances, very much alive. Dan Balz at the Washington Post says Gingrich suffered from a case of hubris worse even than the average politician.

3. We reported the other day that Jon Huntsman—in opting out of the Iowa caucuses—was putting all his eggs in one Granite State basket: his only chance at capturing the nomination being to win New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. Huntsman’s team seems to think differently, announcing today that the candidate will not be participating in the state’s first GOP debate on Monday. Politico says the decision might anger the sponsor of the debate, the New Hampshire Union-Leader newspaper.

4. AMC theatres will exclusively distribute The Undefeated, the documentary about Sarah Palin, starting July 15 (the same day as the final Harry Potter movie is released). NBC’s First Read shocks all, predicting that Republicans will like it, but Democrats won’t.

5. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails from her tenure as Alaska governor have been released following a Freedom of Information request. News organisations are asking Americans to help them pore through the documents in an effort to, everyone hopes, find something of interest.

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